Changing Sport Through Technology

There’s no denying that technology in various forms has infiltrated sports of all kinds, from baseball to tennis to cricket. Sports will never be the same as technology continues to drive the evolution of each individual sport. Some will decry its influence as tainting the purity of the sport, while other hail it for ensuring fairness.

Computers are used to calculate stats, or to connect to fitness equipment to gather and analyze various components of an athlete. Video technology is used extensively to review umpire/referee calls. Biotechnology is used by the team doctors to drive peak performance through supplements or injections. Advanced research and development teams invent new and improved equipment designed to enhance the athlete’s safety and performance.

Our team of journalists will keep you abreast of new developments as they pertain to the use of new technology in sports. Join in the conversation as we dialog about the associated benefits or detriments to the sport.

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